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At BJEP, Brandeis University students are our classroom teachers. Together, we build your child’s knowledge of Jewish culture, history, traditions and Hebrew.

BJEPs students in our younger grades focus on exploring the world through stories, songs, and art, holiday celebrations and traditions, and Torah (Bible) stories. Our older students dive into history and Israel and values and wrestle with life’s important questions. Read more about our curriculum overview.

Looking for a personalized family experience for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah? BJEP can help you do that by connecting you with skilled tutors and service leaders to create either an individual or a group service that will be fulfilling and meaningful.

Many BJEP graduates return as madrichim – Teen Classroom Aides (8th through 12th graders). Madrichim assist the teachers during classes and electives. They are an integral part of the classroom community, leading small group work, working with individual students and supporting classroom teachers, as well as earning a stipend for the year.

At BJEP, parents can learn, too. We offer family education programs, as well as an award-winning six-session parenting class where everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of your background. During this time together, we will explore relevant topics through the eyes of Jewish texts and traditions and share ideas about how to raise children in our complex modern world.

Introduce your 3, 4 or 5-year-old to the joy of Jewish learning, in our once a month hands-on classes. Through movement, song and art, we will impart in your child a joyful association with Jewish traditions and seed a positive Jewish identity. Learn more.

Everyone is welcome at BJEP’s Community Events. Join us and see what we’re all about at our Purim Party and Carnival, Chocolate Seder and Family Mitzvah Day. See list of events!

Whether your child could use some one-on-one support in learning Hebrew, or they simply love learning languages – the BJEP Supplemental Hebrew Program can be catered to your family’s needs.  Our Brandeis student teachers can’t wait to meet you, on Zoom.  Get in touch, learn more here.

Join us to learn more about the program on the (and eventually back) Brandeis campus, and how our all-Brandeis student teachers lead in the classroom:

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May 5, 2024
  • Grade 7 Graduation/all-school End of Year Celebration
    Time: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • BJEP Leadership Team and Staff Wrap Up
    Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
May 6, 2024
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Andrew, Needham We are so grateful that we found BJEP! Our daughter truly enjoys going to BJEP each Sunday morning. She has learned prayers, Jewish history, traditions -- all while having fun with her new friends! -Andrew, Needham Eden, BJEP graduate & teen aide, Medfield The teachers always made the class so much fun, and now I have the opportunity to give the kids the same great experience that I had. -Eden, BJEP graduate & teen aide, Medfield Leah, BJEP Teacher/Brandeis Student BJEP is a great place to be, and I have learned just as much as the kids have! -Leah, BJEP Teacher/Brandeis Student Karen, Milford BJEP has a strong sense of community among the parents, teachers, and leaders...while our son is learning, we enjoy the breadth of adult education and activities. -Karen, Milford Hannah, Needham We chose BJEP because we wanted a fun and educational environment for our daughter to begin to explore being Jewish.  We have found just that! -Hannah, Needham