Chesed/Caring Fund

chesedWe have much to celebrate in our community. B’nei Mitzvah, weddings, babies, athletes, high school graduations and promotions. As a community, we recognize that we also experience lost jobs, sick parents, the passing of loved ones, the challenges of parenting, the stress of school.

As part of our Chesed initiative we foster a Chesed/Caring initiative, where we leverage each other and resources to care for one another. This includes helping families with tuition, during other life cycle events, and partnering with organizations such as CJP for financial support when needed, such as during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

We ask BJEP Families to contribute at least $18 to support the Chesed Fund, so we may be able to provide the support and care in times needed.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.