Supplemental Programs

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Like most Hebrew schools, BJEP teaches the foundations of Hebrew language and prayers. While BJEP introduces students to the fundamentals of a Shabbat service, parents are responsible for individual Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring for their child. Many BJEP students have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, but it is not required, and individual preparation takes place outside of class time. BJEP offers references from fellow parents about external tutors, and to discuss steps in planning for a Bar / Bat Mitzvah service and celebration.

Ta’amei HaMitzvot: BJEP B’nei Mitzvah Cohort Learning

Beginning in Fall 2021, Rabbi Myra will launch a revamped program for cohort B’nai Mitzvah learning. This focused Jewish text learning, based on each student’s personal interests, will be open to all BJEP families with students in 5-7th grade. This is a supplemental program to take place outside of normal BJEP hours. To inquire about your child’s participation, contact Rabbi Myra at


In addition to weaving Hebrew songs, phrases and vocabulary throughout classroom instruction, we dedicate time every Sunday to dedicated Hebrew language instruction (for grade specific Hebrew language goals, see our Curriculum Overview).  We begin in our early learners with letter recognition, and expand with our older grades to modern vocabulary and Hebrew prayers.   We embed music and prayers throughout the BJEP program, coming together for our Teffilah service.  We leverage Hebrew Through Movement, an interactive aural method for teaching Hebrew vocabulary and language.

1:1 Supplemental Hebrew Instruction

Whether your child could use some one-on-one support in learning Hebrew, or they simply love learning languages – the BJEP Supplemental Hebrew Program can be catered to your family’s needs.  This is an additional program, working into your schedule, and led by our Brandeis student teachers.  Get in touch with Rabbi Myra to learn more at


Madrichim Program

Graduates of BJEP (8-12th graders) are invited to return as madrichim (teacher aids). Madrichim assist in classrooms as well as in electives. They are an integral part of the classroom community, leading small group work, working with individual students and supporting classroom teachers. Madrichim are paid a stipend for the year. They gather twice a semester for training to enhance their teaching skills and to  socialize.

Jewish Teen Initiative (JTI)

BJEP teens are also invited to regular programming throughout the year alongside teens from around the Greater Boston Area, through our area partners at the Jewish Teen Initiative. Upcoming programs are announced in our monthly newsletters – subscribe here.