The BJEP Theater with Chloe and Eden

Chloe-and-EdenQuestion:  Why did you choose to be in the theatre?
Answer:   I love acting.

Question:   Will you be a actor/actress on Broadway?
Answer: No, but maybe.

Question: What do you want to be in the show?
Answer: The tin man

Question: Is it hard to remember your lines
Answer: Yes, it is very hard to remember my lines.

Questions: What age would you like to be in the show?
Answer: young

Question: Do you want to be nice or mean?
Answer: It depends on the part?

Question: Do you want to be a celebrity?
Answer: No, I like the way I am now.

Question: Do you want a big part or small part?
Answer: In the middle. A big part is fun because you get to be on stage a lot but that requires a lot of memorizing.

We can’t wait to see these amazing actors and actresses in the real show! You should come too! Keep reading the blog!


-Chloe and Eden

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