Theater at BJEP

Sign up now for this year’s production of The Rabbi of Oz!

Join Dorothy and her dog Toto as they are caught in a tornado that takes them far away from home. In order to find her way back, Dorothy must find the Rabbi who everyone says can help her return home. Along they way she meets friends who request a brain, heart and courage from the Rabbi. Dorothy and her friends learn the Jewish values of da’at- wisdom, chesed- kindness to others, and yosher- integrity- the value of being true to yourself. Every actor in this play will also learn about these values as they participate in this fun musical production.

The theatre program meets on Sundays after BJEP from 12-1:30 pm, except when BJEP classes are offsite. The performance will take place on Sunday April 10th. All students are invited to participate.

Cost $475 for the year.
Checks can be made out to BJEP or pay online at

The BJEP Theater Club is an extended-day activity for students meeting every Sunday BJEP is in session from Noon to 1:30 p.m. (after regular BJEP hours). This fun group allows more opportunity for Jewish arts and friendship in a creative team-oriented activity. Led by talented Brandeis students/BJEP teachers, the Theater Club plays games and rehearses a play performed at the end of the year for families and friends. In the past, BJEP theater kids have performed Fiddler on the Roof, The Prince of Egypt, and other original and adapted productions.

We are so proud of our castĀ from the 2015 production of The Sound of Music.